Descaler of heat and refrigeration exchangers

SKU Maham L22C S
بدون پاسخ
  • Appearance: Viscous liquid
  • Specific gravity: 1.20 to 1.25 g/cm
  • Color: Reddish brown
  • Environment: Acidic

تماس بگیرید


It is an effective and powerful combination in dissolving sediments in
chillers, condensers, coils, steam boilers and other heat exchangers, which
can easily clean different levels of the system from pollution, mass, rust and
Clean the deposits and increase the useful life of the system. This special
product can dissolve layers of sediments with different thicknesses and
settle them for easy evacuation.
It contains very strong preservatives that can protect the system from
damage caused by acid washing during acid washing.
It contains a masking agent that creates a thin film on metals during
washing and protects them from corrosion.

Advantages of using MAHAM L22Cs

high power in removing deposits and increasing heat exchange
Maintenance of metals against corrosion during washing
Increasing the life of the device due to the descaling in the systems
Reducing service and maintenance costs and other side costs

The amount of consumption should be determined according to the
thickness of the sediment layers in the system, which can be used pure or 1:1 to 1:4 diluted with water.

Packaging and storage:
It is packed and supplied in twenty liter containers. Upon request, it is also
possible to supply barrels with different capacities. This product should be
stored at a temperature above zero degrees Celsius and away from direct