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CorroM Service = Corrosion Monitoring

This Service is consists of three general parts:

The first :

which is operational at the beginning of using the immunizing agent, includes send experts Staff to the  customer place ( project place). In this part of  Maham Service, the initial injection of the immunizing substance is done under the supervision of  our Expert Staff. the general training will be provide  by Maham experienced staff.

The second :

in this part of our service , the periodic sampling  will be happen. The samples will be sent to Maham’s laboratory with prior arrangements and in accordance with the provided training.

Maham laboratory will be measured, the pH of the solution and its corrosion rate  by Electrochemical tests. finally, Test report will be presented to customer.

The third:

in this part of the service , an experienced staff  of maham set off for the site visit, diagnose and solve the problem.

This part will be done based on test report and  the periodical tests.