Washing the package and radiator in less than 60 minutes

Hi! I am going to show you how you can clean your package in less than 60 minutes, provided that you pay close attention to the sentences that are said. Let me start the discussion with this question: Do you even know what a package is? Or do you even know what parts it consists of? The answer to this question is easier than you think. The package is a device that was created to save us from water heaters and giant oil and gas heaters in addition to heating water and living space. In fact, if we put the water heater and the heater together, it becomes a package. If we want to understand the structure of the package in a simple way, let’s watch the following animation together.

As it is clear from this animation, we have two types of packages: Single converter package and two converter package. The single converter is the one that has one plate converter and the double converter is the one that has two plate converters, which, of course, the two converter package has better efficiency. The reason is that when you use domestic hot water, the radiators don’t get cold, and if there is a problem with the converter, you can repair it much more easily. Now let’s go back to the point we said first: Can you really clean the package in less than 60 minutes? Yes! There are several ways to do this:

One is to fall into the package yourself and use a screwdriver and a hammer to get rid of it, which probably won’t leave anything in the end!

The second method is to use detergents and acids in the market. In this case, you have to open the whole package and cause a lot of trouble. It is possible that after washing, the package and converter will be pierced in several places, like a colander!

But there is a third way! You can use a safe cleaner. With this cleaner, by connecting the inlet and outlet valves of the package to the acid wash pump, you can clean the entire system and even the internal pump of the package without opening the smallest connection and in less than 60 minutes, without worrying about getting punctured or damaged. Have a converter.

I hope you were satisfied with reading this article and we were able to provide you with brief information about safe acid washing of packages.

so long live!